Ibrahimovic, The Big Mouth Who Speaks Right

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic kept bragging about his prowess. However, at the age of 39, what he said could still be accounted for properly. Action AC Milan vs Inter Milan so the final proof of his prowess.

Ibrahimovic looks prominently on the AC Milan front line because he is a dozen years older than the other players. However, it’s not just a matter of age that makes Ibrahimovic look the difference in the Rossoneri’s front lines.

Ibrahimovic just turned 39 years old on 3 October. The age of 39 clearly makes him in the category of players who are ready to retire or even deserve to retire.

The figure of Ibrahimovic clearly doesn’t deserve to be a symbol of regeneration and the long-term project that Milan are echoing.

Ibrahimovic looks like a striker from the past who Milan are trying to squeeze his remaining strength.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has succeeded in becoming the leader of AC Milan’s young players. (AP / Antonio Calanni)

Of the many young strikers in Europe, Milan chose to believe and even continued to hope that Ibrahimovic would extend his contract at Milan at the end of last season, something that Ibrahimovic finally responded to well.

However, Ibrahimovic does not seem to consider the age of 39 years or older as a limit to the active period of a football player.

Ibrahimovic’s high passion for achievement made him choose to return to Europe after enjoying two seasons in MLS, a league that is often identified with the preparation of star players towards retirement.

Ibrahimovic seemed to realize that the fire of passion in him was still burning high and returning to Europe to play with Milan was the logical choice.

Ibrahimovic Hard Work Promises

One of the interesting things about Ibrahimovic is the confidence he has. Ibrahimovic stated without doubt that Milan could have won the Italian League had he arrived from the start of the season.

Certainly not everyone can have this level of confidence. Even more difficult, this kind of self-confidence cannot be realized by everyone.

But Ibrahimovic has clearly proven that he has shown the right steps to prove the brag he spoke of last season.

AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores his side’s first goal during the Serie A soccer match between Inter Milan and AC Milan at the San Siro Stadium, in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. (Spada/LaPresse via AP)Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a quick goal early in the match. (AP / Spada)

In the match against Inter Milan in the derby della Madoninna, Ibrahimovic’s quick goal was decisive.

At the moment of the first goal, Ibrahimovic cleverly took advantage of Aleksandar Kolarov’s aggressiveness. Ibrahimovic had only to adjust and flopped when Kolarov’s tackle hit his leg.

Ibrahimovic’s penalty did not work, but most importantly he was able to score a goal from the wild ball that followed.

Not finished Inter’s frustration over the process of the first goal, Ibrahimovic returned to punish Inter three minutes later. This goal was clearly a combination of the speed of the young Milanese players and the high flying hours of Ibrahimovic.

Seeing Rafael Leao running fast, Ibrahimovic waited at the far post. Leao sent in the pass and Ibrahimovic made no trouble to turn the ball into a goal.

Ibrahimovic’s quick goal was only able to be answered by a goal from Romelu Lukaku. Although Ibrahimovic no longer stood out in the second half, he successfully fulfilled his job of helping Milan win.

AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic opens his arms to embrace the teammates at the end of the Serie A soccer match between Inter Milan and AC Milan at the San Siro Stadium, in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. Ibrahimovic scored both goals in AC Milan 2 - 1 victory. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)AC Milan now deserves to be reckoned with as a potential team to win the Italian League. (AP / Antonio Calanni)

Milan Serious Challenger Italian League

This victory over Inter is an affirmation that Milan have become serious contenders for the Italian League title this season. Juventus should not only be aware of Atalanta, Inter Milan, Lazio and Napoli. They also have to restore the name Milan as their rivals this season.

The initial four matches with perfect scores are clearly proof that Milan have returned to the battlefield for the title battle.

The combination of fast, aggressive and hungry young players is led by Ibrahimovic who has maturity and a winning mentality. This combination made Milan explode at the start of the season, even winning when Ibrahimovic had to be absent because of Covid-19.

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Milan’s journey to the Italian league title is still far away because of the many tests they have to pass. However, referring to Milan’s performance since Ibrahimovic arrived, it seems that Ibrahimovic has managed to keep up with his pride so far.

Ibrahimovic’s big mouth poses a real threat, not just a bluff.


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