Ibrahimovic after two goals in the derby. They can’t stop me at almost 40!

Sword, ČTK / AP

He was very hungry. “I was stuck at home for two weeks, so I was hungry and it was confirmed. I lost my appetite a bit, but they tested me every three days and no one could stop me from playing the derby,” said Zlatan Ibrahimovic in an interview with Sky Sport Italia. .

Due to illness covidem-19, he missed four competitive matches, which was reflected in his physique. “He was quite tired and even asked to be replaced, but this time it was me who ignored him,” said coach Stefano Pioli.

Ibrahimovic struck twice, Lukak once. The stars determined the result of the big derby

He appreciated the player’s importance for AC Milan. “Zlatan is extraordinary, he brings a lot to the team thanks to his talent, determination and character. He is an exemplary professional, he gives the team the maximum, he wants to win everything from the final match to training. I can’t take credit for how I deal with him, because it’s very easy, “said the coach.

The others follow me!

Ibrahimovic took the derby in the 13th to 16th minute. First, behind the goal of the goalkeeper Samir Handanovic, he received his own penalty, then scored close to the center of Rafael Lea. Under Nerazzurri, he reduced Romel Lukak in the first half. “I’m sorry I didn’t change the penalty, but the important thing is that we won. I’m the oldest on the team, I feel a lot of responsibility and I like that. The others follow me and are hungry for victory,” said Ibrahimovic.

“I know what I can do. I feel more complex than I did ten years ago. If I had a physicist like ten years ago, no one would stop me. But beware, they can’t stop me even now,” said a former player of his native Malmö, Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus. Turin, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Paris Germain, Manchester United and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

It requires a maximum of itself as well as of teammates. “I train hard, I play expertly and with teammates who help me. I will not tolerate them taking my foot off the gas, whether in a match or training. We have to train 200 percent,” Ibrahimovic said.

Opponent’s opponent has form

For the first time since 1995/96, the Rossoneri won the opening four league rounds and lead the table. However, the opponent of the Prague Sparta in the basic group of the European League does not think about the first title since 2011, to which Ibrahimovic also contributed.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (left) of AC Milan and Stefan de Vrij of Inter.

Daniele Mascolo, Reuters

“We’re going from match to match. When I came back, the goal was to qualify for the European League, we succeeded. I think scudetto is possible, because if you believe you can do anything. But there is a long way to go,” he said with 62 goals. the best scorer in the history of the Swedish national team.

Pioli also tames the high goals of the sixth team last season. “I like to think positively and consider myself optimistic, but I must admit that at least three or four clubs have invested more money than we are and are still going.


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