IASAÚDE confirms new case in the Region and two more suspects

Iolanda Chaves

IASAÚDE has just confirmed a new case of covid-19 in the Region, of a traveler who was being studied by health authorities, and two more suspects.

Of the situations reported yesterday, another suspected case that was under study was not confirmed.

However, in relation to this Tuesday, IASAÚDE adds that two situations have been identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport, which are being analyzed by health authorities. Epidemiological investigations and laboratory analyzes are ongoing.

The Region has recorded 117 confirmed cases to date, of which 98 are recovered cases and 19 are active cases.

The 19 active cases consist of 16 imported cases identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented at the Covid-19 Screening Unit at Madeira Airport and 3 cases of local transmission. There are 14 people who are isolated in a dedicated hotel unit, 4 in their home and 1 remains hospitalized in the Multipurpose Inpatient Unit dedicated to Covid-19.

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