Ian McKellen is ‘not ready to die’ for corona films

The film industry is getting itself started with security coordinators. 81-year-old Ian McKellen would rather fit for that.

During the virtual presentation of the Olivier Awards, the British theater prizes named after actor Laurence Olivier, Sir Ian McKellen was allowed to pick up his seventh statue. With that, he was honored for the one-man show with which he toured more than 80 small British theaters in 2019. In that show he reprized his most popular characters – from Gandalf to Shakespeare.

2020 has necessarily turned out to be a lot calmer for the 81-year-old actor, he said in an interview during the award ceremony.

‘I took some pride in the fact that at my age I was still sharp enough to act, but when you suddenly hear that you are not allowed to perform because the audience is not allowed to come, you start to wonder: how many years have I left?’

The film industry has gotten underway in recent months, with security coordinators trying to keep the set corona proof. McKellen also received offers. ‘But I turned them down because I wouldn’t feel safe. As a member of the most vulnerable age group, I have to ask myself with every offer: am I willing to die for this movie? I’m still waiting for a ‘yes’.’


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