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Jiří Krampol (83) and Zuzana Bubílková (69) have recently formed an inseparable couple. They work together, she accompanies him to the gym, because the sport simply belongs to the drummer of the late Belmond a few days ago. It is no wonder that many in Jiří and Zuzana see a new pair of Czech show business. Krampol has now revealed for eXtra.cz how it really is between them!

As soon as it spread that the moderator Zuzana Bubílková began to appear at work alongside Jiří Krampol, who, like her, collaborated with the late Miroslav Šimek († 63), as if everyone had not stopped putting the two together, not only professionally, but also in terms of the bedroom. Their relationship is being talked about practically like a finished thing. As if no one allowed another option.

“I know Zuzana Bubílková we have known each other for forty years. She is a perfect, smart woman, but our cooperation has nothing to do with a partnership. I’m completely tired of responding to it over and over again, “he said angrily to eXtra.cz actor and entertainer Jiří Krampol.

“Someone is still deciding whether we live together and such nonsense. Nothing against Zuzana, but I wouldn’t tolerate anyone next to me. And she’s not anymore either, “the actor, entertainer and moderator knows.

It’s chucpe towards Hanička, says Krampol

Similar allusions to the women by his side actually touch him a lot. He still hadn’t come to terms with an unexpected death wife of Hana († 59). “Plus it’s offensive, chucpe, to Hanička. Practically two months after her death, the media discussed that I probably live with Bubílková. I was with Hanka for 32 years, I experienced good and bad with her, and for a while after she leaves, do I move in with a woman I don’t really know that much? What kind of person would I be?Krampol shook his head.

But then he indicated that he would not collapse from the gossip. “If someone asks me today what Mrs. Bubílková is doing, I answer that we are expecting triplets.” he laughed from ear to ear.

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Words of admiration about Bubílková

“Zuzana is fine, she’s a smart woman who works well with me. We do two shows together, for God’s sake they are successful so far. At this time, when many excellent colleagues had practically nothing to do, it is slowly a miracle, “He thanked fate for the fact that he can still work even at his age.



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