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DISPUTE: Magnus Carlsen (left) withdrew from the St. Louis tournament after losing to Hans Niemann (right). On Monday the two met again, a party lasting only a few seconds. The photo was taken from their party in St. Louis.

On Wednesday evening, Magnus Carlsen spoke for the first time about the conflict with the American Hans Niemann.


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– I understand very well that the current situation is unfortunate for many, Carlsen tells TV 2 on Wednesday night.

Both Hans Niemann and Magnus Carlsen progressed to the quarter-finals of the Julius Baer Generation Cup. Now the two can meet again, but first in a final.

Carlsen resigned on Monday very controversially after making only one move against Niemann. Now the two can meet again for the third time in a short time.

– You will play (in a possible final) against Niemann, Carlsen was asked during the TV 2 chess show.

– Time will tell, then. I’ll be there first, she replied with a smile.

– Do you think Niemann is a cheat? asks Jon Ludvig Hammer of TV 2.

– I’ll make my statement after the tournament, Monday or early next week. I would like to say more now about different things. I’ll have to wait a bit, Carlsen replies.

He also spoke to Chess24.com on Wednesday night.

– Unfortunately, I can’t talk exactly about this, but people can draw their own conclusions and they certainly did. I have to say I’m very impressed with Niemann’s game and I think his mentor Maxim Dlugy did a great job, says Carlsen subtly.

– In general, I believe that cheaters in the future should not be taken lightly, either online or off the table, continues Carlsen.

The top eight of the 16 players taking part in the tournament will advance to the quarter-finals on Thursday. Two of the eight are both Carlsen and Niemann. Magnus Carlsen scored the highest score (34) of all and won the preliminary rounds nine points behind second-placed Arjun Erigasi. Niemann was third with 24 points.

Carlsen will face Levon Aronian in the quarter-finals, while Niemann will face Quang Liem Le.

The quarter-finals start on Thursday at 6.00 pm and air on TV 2 Sport 2.

The reason Carlsen gave Niemann the win on Monday is that the Norwegian recently withdrew from the main Sinquefield Cup tournament in the United States after losing to Niemann. Fiery rumors later circulated that the motive was a scam on the part of the American, which Niemann firmly rejected. However, Niemann admitted that he cheated in online games when he was younger.

According to chess24.com the International Chess Federation (FIDE) will release a statement on Carlsen and Niemann in the coming days.

There were no fewer conspiracy theories in the chess world after they met again on Monday.

– It is totally unacceptable to lose on purpose. It’s the most unsportsmanlike thing in the world of competition, Jon Ludvig Hammer said on the TV 2 broadcast on Monday.

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