I would die for my wife, says Patrik Hartl. He allegedly imprinted himself on the hero of the new novel for the first time

You said that one producer called the film collaboration with you a “Hartl War.” I find it incomprehensible, I perceive you as a funny person…

I’m not angry at the place, I’m fighting and I’m tearing. Movie directing is like making up a small, naked, fragile baby. I hold it in my hands, I run the day of filming and I discover a lot of things that threaten the development of my baby – his eyes, digestive tract… I know that a baby can be beautiful and I fight a lot with all the adversity around so that the baby can grow up.

Of course, you would like the baby to be able to grow up in peace and everything has developed harmoniously, but filming is not harmonious. There are too many influences that can endanger a baby’s beauty. And as a director, I’m the only one who has the power to protect a baby. I’m uncompromising, I don’t care.

In the movie Element, Shampoo, Dot and Charles a bunch of guys commit to a challenge. Is there another challenge ahead of you?

Now I’m dealing with retirement.

You are 44 years old…

I am a very planning person and I am obsessed with dividing time and preparing for problems. I already have to deal with retirement, because my imagination is great and there are a lot of problems that I see in front of me. I’ve been doing well for a long time, my brain is working, I’m counting on it and it hasn’t let me down yet, I’m very lucky. But life is changeable and never stays the same. Sooner or later, I will reach a point where my brain will not be as good and, like Jarda Jágr, I will not score goals in the NHL every day, but I will have to deal with the fact that it does not grind me like that anymore.

New book

Today, your book is published for 15 years. Where did the idea for a woman who can impose such a portion of love on a man that it would defeat an ox come from?

I’m a romantic. JI have a great need for love, as great. Nobody can satisfy me, mI mean on an emotional level. I long for love and I am very lucky to have found my wife, that it suits me and that I can share that love with her. Ksince I am writing about the possibility that some two beings couldand to love, so I’m so excited, I’m so happy. II experience intensively with name a I long for it to work out for them. I found out that I would die for my wife right away. TI know about one hundred percent.

A vis she

I don’t know. But I definitely know she would scold me for saying such things. She is my unequivocal position, I know she is the right woman with whom I am well in the world. She’s the only woman in my life. I share the romantic need for great, fateful love with the main character of the book 15 Years of Love, I wrote it as myself, I am Aleš. I’ve never done that before.

So what is Hartl’s new book, 15 Years of Love, about? Where does his ability to laugh at even sad things come from? And what would he do when he stopped writing to him? Listen to the whole conversation.



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