“I would avoid.” Why crew members come home with food

Friday, July 8, 2022, 2:21 p.m.

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A flight attendant shared the reason why passengers should not order hot drinks in plane. The crew member advised the passengers that they should bring their own when they go on holiday this summer.

Flight attendant Amber, who has been flying for years for a airline in the United States, he began by saying that “the airline’s meals are extremely unhealthy.”

She explained that “usually the food is prepared more than 12 hours in advance and can be filled with many preservatives”.

Amber revealed that this is the main reason why the crew prefers to take their own food rather than eat the food from plane.

The crew member recommended that you bring your own sandwiches or snacks when you go in holidays this summer.

“I usually bring my own food: light sandwiches or pasta salad,” she said.

The water with which hot drinks are prepared

According to flight attendant Betty, passengers should avoid ordering coffee and tea at all costs.

“Don’t drink coffee on airplanes. It is the same drinking water that passes through the bathroom system “, she explained, quoted by express.co.uk.

She revealed that they once had “a test for E. coli in our water and it didn’t pass, then it intervened, a few buttons were pressed and it passed ”.

“So I would avoid any hot water or tea,” she said.

Passengers can always bring their own tea or coffee on board when they have purchased airport security.

The flight attendant also advised the passengers “not to eat directly from the table”.

She explained: “People change their children’s diapers on them!”

Since the Covid pandemic began, all planes have been properly disinfected before boarding, but she recommended “bring the wipes with alcohol or use hand sanitizer on a tissue to disinfect yourself ”.

Another flight attendant shared on the Quora question and answer platform how to choose the best place when you go on vacation.

Shreyas advised passengers to “understand the appearance of the aircraft and select your seats accordingly during check-in.”

“The chairs next to the toilets can be noisy or even smelly.”

The best places “are closer to the kitchen, where the flight attendant can give you maximum attention,” she revealed.

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