“I wondered what was wrong”

The ‘Deluxe’ is dedicating its Sunday program to interviews with well-known actresses to review their career. If last week it was María Barranco’s turn, this was the turn of Miriam Diaz Aroca. The program recalled with the actress that she was an Almodóvar girl, a Ibáñez Serrador girl and that she even brought an Oscar to Spain with the ‘Belle Epoque’ team. Nevertheless, That good time passed and the actress faced a bad time in her profession a while ago.

“It was five years ago, it is not overnight, but drop by drop. I wondered what I was doing wrong, right now that I’m more prepared than ever … But when it’s your turn, it’s your turn, “explained the actress, who said it was because of that rejection by the profession when”I start to learn about myself “.

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“I learned to listen to myself and to be very hungry for myself. From a woman always pending external recognition and I realized that this is fictitious, it does not contribute and feeds very little,” confessed the interpreter, who began a career in ‘mentoring’ . However, to this day Miriam believes that she is currently having a “boomerang effect”, sincee they are calling it again, like for example, for ‘Toy boy’.

The Antena 3 series (and which is also available on Netflix) was the topic of conversation in the Telecinco space. In fact, Lydia Lozano acknowledged being a fan and praised her work: “Now you are in the second part of a series that I loved”, said the collaborator, who avoided saying the name because she knew it was a fiction from the rival network.

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