I wish Harry luck, he’ll need it, Trump responds to Meghan

With the upcoming presidential election in the United States, a bag of calls to elect one or the other candidate has been torn apart. To the displeasure of Donald Trump and part of British society, the royal couple Harry and Meghan also joined the election challenges.

The Duchess of Sussex and her wife made a video urging her fans to come to the November elections. The short video then appeared in the very first television special Time 100. She emphasized in it that it was the most important choice in the life of Americans.

“We have six weeks until the election and today is the day of voter registration. Every four years, the same thing is said to be the most important choices of our lives. But in this case, it really is, “says former actress Meghan in the video. “By voting, our values ​​become practice and our voices are heard.”

Sitting next to her on the bench, Harry, a non-US citizen, urged viewers to “reject expressions of hatred, misinformation and negativity spreading online.” “I will not be able to vote here in the US here, but many of you may not know that I have not been able to vote in the United Kingdom all my life. What we consume, what we are exposed to and what we work with online has a real impact on all of us, “he said. “It’s time not only to think, but also to act.”

Neither Harry nor Meghan explicitly favored one candidate over the other, but one of them understood which side they were heading for. The statement of the Sussex couple was clearly not pleased with Donald Trump, who was traditionally not afraid to be a little more specific and personal. “I’m not a fan of hers,” he told Meghan at a White House press conference on Wednesday. “I would just say this: I wish Harry good luck. He will need it. “

Trump, who fights for re-election, is often criticized for using outrageous rhetoric. In August, Facebook removed one of its posts for the first time for violating a policy against the spread of disinformation about coronavirus. In May, Twitter began subjecting Trump’s tweets to fact-checking.

Meghan and Harry caused a stir a few months ago by announcing their distance from royal duties and their plans to move to Canada. In March, however, they moved to Los Angeles, angering Donald Trump. At a time when he was not fully addressing the pandemic, the president tweeted that the US government would not pay any of security costs of this couple in the United States. Their spokesman confirmed the next day that the couple was paying for a private security service that cost Prince Charles £ 4 million a year, according to the Daily Mail. In return, Meghan and Harry reportedly began returning the funds used to renovate their house in Frogmore Cottage, England.

“I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen and Great Britain. I was told that Harry and Meghan, who had left the kingdom, would be permanently resident in Canada. They have now left Canada for the United States, but American taxpayers will not actually pay to protect them. They have to pay! ”Trump wrote in March.

However, the video with Harry and Meghan did not please the British themselves either – members of the royal family in Great Britain traditionally remain politically neutral, which is excluded from voting in elections. On Tuesday, the British press reported that the couple should lose their royal titles because members of the royal family are not expected to discuss politics. However, this rule may not be authoritative for the couple, given that he resigned from his royal duties in January.

This is not the first time that the Duchess has encouraged people to vote, most recently with feminist activist Gloria Steinem, a Democrat. However, this is the first time that Prince Harry has appeared in a similar situation. So far, counselors have distinguished between what Meghan, a US citizen, does and what Harry does. One of the sources of Buckingham Palace for The Times he said the couple had gone too far. Another unnamed royal adviser agreed, adding that the video at the royal court was a cause for concern. “The political arena is very sensitive for all members of the royal family. You can’t have an apolitical institution, which is a hereditary monarchy, and within it have members of the royal family making political comments, “said the royal adviser.

Both Harry and Meghan are much more involved in politics than is common for members of the royal family. “The duke is not a working member of the royal family and all his comments are purely personal,” he said Buckingham palace in response to a video. A spokesman for The New York Times told the couple that Prince Harry “did not talk about the candidate or the party, he talked about the way it is discussed, especially in the online environment.” “It was a call for decency and respect for people to be informed and to consider how they approach information.”

Meghan Markle earned criticism in August when she participated in a virtual registration event for Michelle Obama’s impartial organization When We All Vote. Some people, including journalist Piers Morgan, demanded that she lose her title for violating the Royal Protocol. At a virtual summit last month on the new 19th publication on women, Markle spoke openly about the protests following George Floyd’s death, racism and the importance of voting in elections.

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