I will destroy Babu Jagu in the first round, and if not, I will hang my gloves on a nail, he will run Vémol after winning

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How would you rate your opponent’s performance?

He didn’t surprise me with anything at all, I expected it. People underestimated him a lot. When I saw what guys he was wrestling with, who then moved to the UFC, and how good his country is, I said from the beginning that it would be three rounds where I would dominate. In the third round, I felt that he had more and more, then it worked out and it was better than I expected. I definitely did not underestimate him.

What a scenery, a match without spectators?

The first thing I said after the match that Oktagon has a great team, I did not register at all that the spectators are not here. You were great at how many of you there were. You’ve heard, thank you for that.

The terminator is back. Next time an easy fight, Carlos Vémola promised after the victory over Robertsen

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Right in the cage, you mentioned the match with Václav Mikulášek, where you talked about finishing in the first round, that if you didn’t win, you would hang the gloves on a nail. Don’t you think that these confident statements can work out for you?

I don’t know what style it should work for. I know what I’m doing, I know how I’m preparing and I know who I’m up against. This opponent was of good quality and before the match I did not expect me to end him, and yet I succeeded. I still believe that Baba Jaga is of poor quality, if this is an opponent I should bother with … or shouldn’t win, then I probably shouldn’t fight anymore. Baba Jaga is someone I should beat on the agenda in the first round. Today I step on the victory after the victory and I will cross Babu Jagu in the first round. And if I manage to prepare another match at the end of the year, that should be a big name.

Great title match. David Kozma defeated Kertesz by points

Sport.cz, Oktagon TV

David Kozma after defending the title over Maté Kertesz
“I was nervous when it’s for points, anything can happen, the coaches said I had it in my pocket, it’s at home. I expected the match to go to points, I would push and I would win for points. That’s exactly what happened. I was preparing for there not to be spectators, I knew it bothered me, but I was ready and I expected it to be like this. I had the last match in Russia without spectators, in Brno on the Underground with Kratochvíla there were also few spectators, I’m a little used to it, unfortunately. “
Vlasto Čepo after a tough match with Mateusz Strzelczyk
“I got a battle today, nothing worked out for me, he was better, he crossed me like a cat. I’ll get better, come back and fight until they kill me. I let people down today, but I’ll come back stronger. “

What do you say about organizing an event in a bubble, when almost all sports in the Czech Republic are switched off?

This is a huge thing for the whole Czechoslovak MMA. Huge praise belongs to the whole team. What I have received is perhaps more than the whole sold-out O2 arena. The whole republic stopped and looked at the Octagon. Only the big football clubs Sparta, Liberec and tennis and Oktagon MMA got an exception, it’s a great job. Many thanks to Milan Hniliček. MMA is really one of the leading sports, in my opinion it’s a hit. In my opinion, this is the biggest event in Czechoslovakia that has happened.

Vlasto Čepo did not have his day and clearly lost

Sport.cz, Oktagon TV

How did the year-round injuries and covid-19 disease you have limited limit you?

You hurt me, that would be about long. The biggest injury I suffered was in the head. There was more and more. First there was a loss (with Attila Végh), then shoulder surgery, then I grabbed my meniscus, so knee surgery, then came the corona, then came the breakup with my partner, then I couldn’t train with my team in London because of the corona. Many times I wanted to cancel this match, I cracked my finger, I got a splint, but we stepped into it, I had a lot of support. Whether it was Procházka, Martínek, Muradov, all the boys helped me. I was training in Ankos, I was with Monster, Reinders, in Spejbl gymu. I trained at my best, everyone helped me and we gave it. There is victory again, there is hunger, Terminator is back.


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