News "I was detained without a four-hour prosecutor's decision"

“I was detained without a four-hour prosecutor’s decision”


We talked with the head of Hatay Bar Association Ekrem Dönmez, who was detained on July 29, in Iskenderun district of Hatay, together with his family, after the discussion during the identity check while drinking tea at a venue.

Burcu Özkaya Günaydın from the WallSpeaking to Ekrem Dönmez, “Especially it did not come to me. Routine control. I did not say that I was the chairman of the bar association because I was an ordinary citizen drinking tea with his family there. I do not show IDs in normal road checks without knowing why ”.

Stating that the reason for identity control should be told to people who do not run away, Dönmez said, “If the police are performing identity check in a closed place, where there is no risk of escape, they have to say why. In this country, people were kidnapped in police clothes and kidnapped. Citizens have the right to ask the police both for identification and the reason for calling. As a simple citizen, I wanted to exercise this right. ”


Noting that there are rumors that there is a planned event in the media, there are those who say “You will be a deputy from the CHP soon” or “If you had shown it, you would not have extended your identity that much”, Dönmez continued:

“Could there be a plan? There is also a part of the camera that does not open. They were not as kind as in the video, they were extremely rude. This attitude is, ‘I will do whatever I want without questioning my state.’ The problem starts then when you want to exercise your rights. I received hundreds of messages from the citizen. They are experiencing similar practices. Let’s think the other way around, if the police say their reasoning there and show their identity, they will do the right thing and there will be no problems. ”


Underlining that the police decided to detain him there and did not even need to ask the prosecutor for the detention, Ekrem Dönmez said, “This is a very serious incident. Lawyers apply the law. This is not the duty of the police. I was detained without the decision of the prosecutor for 4 hours. The Provincial Police Director says ‘If you had given an ID’. Nobody questions why the police don’t explain the reason there. Süleyman Soylu made a statement and claimed the police. Where is the citizen’s right, where is the law? ” said.


Dönmez said that the police took the power and violence of “I am the state” from social media, multiple bar regulations and that they are the product of the same mentality. “If I said that I was, it would not be a problem. But when you try to find a right where the police authority that has been made oppressive and arbitrarily increased shadows the freedom of a citizen, you will encounter violence.”


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