“I was chained from head to toe”, this sad revelation by Julienne Abigbè alias Ciara

Influencer Julienne Abigbè alias Ciara attempted suicide in China following her arrest for drug trafficking. More than 6 years later, Ciara has not forgotten the torture she suffered at the time.

Ciara was arrested in China at an airport for a drug trafficking case. Almost six years later, the promoter of Ciara Corporate still has the aftermath of her sad stay in one of the Chinese prisons.

The young woman reveals that she tried to commit suicide to avoid the torture of which she was a victim. “I was tortured for a month for something I didn’t do. In the cell there were 16 girls and I was the only black one. And, in everything, I come in last position, we work, it’s as if we’re torturing you to confess”she confided.

Suicide attempts by Ciara

Ciara attempted suicide to end her suffering. “I tried to hang myself there. The Chinese can even testify to it. At one point, I couldn’t take it anymore, I took a top, a coat, then I tried to kill myself by rolling it around my neck. I think it was their camera that alerted them because at some point I saw people coming,” she said.only in tears.

So to prevent her from committing suicide, she was put in solitary confinement and chained. “I was chained from head to toe”, she said. In this interview granted to Kfé week-end, Ciara Corporate considered that this sad experience of China is the cause of its character that many deplore today: the defensive.

Arrested on June 20, 2016 by the Anti-Fraud Office of Guangzhou Municipal Customs Administration in China for drug trafficking, Ciara was released from prison and placed under judicial supervision in 2017.

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After her release from prison on July 19, 2017, Julienne Abigbè alias Ciarath Aladja said she was tricked by one of her friends, a fellow Beninese residing in China.

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