I was afraid of dying

The businessman Alberto Genovese was arrested on November 7 for sexual assault. The 18-year-old who accused him told of her terrible experience during the transmission ‘Live is not the d’Urso’ conducted by Barbara d’Urso. “After his arrest, my memories have become more and more precise. And the thing that hurts me the most is hearing the comments of these people who try to blame me or to justify what was done to me. What I experienced. , those hours of fear cannot even be imagined. I was afraid of dying, I risked dying. I was afraid of not being able to see my mom, my dad, my sisters, my friends again “, said the girl. Those parties that ended up in the sights of the detectives were never perceived by the 18-year-old as dangerous in any way, I never perceived this environment as slimy. I went there to have fun and found myself living hell. I think there is a lack of sensitivity regarding the ‘argument because a lot of people talk, a lot of people speculate, a lot of people comment. I have seen myself painted in many ways, which in any case would not justify what was done to me but it bothers me because I am not like that. I, who am the victim, I felt offended several times, unfairly attacked several times because after all I have experienced, I do not think this further ‘media violence’ is absolutely right. At this moment I would ask for a little humanity from everyone “.

The facts that led to the arrest of Genovese

The girl reported having been stunned with a mix of drugs and raped in Genovese’s house on the night between 10 and 11 October last. She had been locked in a room with a bodyguard guarding the door. Genovese is accused of sexual assault, drug dealing and kidnapping. The young victim told investigators that she was handcuffed, tied up and raped for hours, even in a state of unconsciousness and even while desperately screaming ‘help’. Once she regained consciousness, she asked 118 for help and was accompanied to the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan, where the doctors ascertained the rape. “I ask to detox because I have been addicted to cocaine for four years. When I am under the effects of the drug, I cannot control myself,” Genovese told the investigating judge.

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