I was a dog in a previous life

All my films are deeply connected to my personal experiences, which I have felt on my skin, so I feel I can talk about them, at least try to look at those problems.

If you haven’t experienced the event you’re making a film about, it’s not clear to me how it can happen.

I’m thirty-five and I don’t think a thirty-five-year-old can make a movie about a seventy-year-old. Such a phase of life has not yet been experienced, and that’s all: such a film cannot be.

I also don’t think cinema can change anything.

The best films are those whose directors do not want to preach or teach anything, but to notice, pay attention to some aspect of the topic that was not so clearly visible, illuminated until the creation of the particular film.

There is a haze of events and words around us, and the movie says: Did you notice that?

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