I wanted to sleep with this anthill and agreed to sleep with it

Thanks for reading the Without Shame news.. I look at Yousra admits: I wanted to sleep with this old man and I agreed to sleep with him, and now with the details

Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – Egyptian star, Yousra, is one of the most prominent stars of Arab cinema, thanks to her illustrious works throughout her artistic career.

Yousra was born on March 10, 1955 in the Cairo district, her real name is Sefin Hafez Nassim, she was the only child of her parents, but she did not have a happy childhood after their separation.

After her mother’s divorce, she lived with her father against her will after he forcibly snatched her from her mother’s womb. In her father’s house, she was subjected to harsh treatment by his wife, which nearly destroyed her psychologically. However, she insisted on not giving up until she got her GCE certificate.

his artistic career

Cinematographer Abdel Halim Nasr discovered Yusra’s talent and first introduced her through her participation in the film ‘A Thousand Boussa Wa Boussa’. Is Enough”, “Youth Dancing Over the Fire” and “Palace”. In the Air”, “Heaven is Under Her Feet”, “Swimsuit for Bint Al-Usta Mahmoud”, “Devil Al-Jazeera” and in the series “Juha and the girls of Shahbandar”.

Subsequently, the star, Yousra introduced the great director Youssef Chahine in a series of films which earned her several major awards, in addition to my films: ‘An Egyptian Story’ and ‘Alexandria Violin and Violin’.

film credits

Yousra participated in about 70 cinema films and formed a wonderful duet with the artist Adel Imam in the films: “A Man Lives Once”, “At the Minister’s Gate”, “Bobous”, “The Yacoubian Building”, “Birds of Darkness”, “Terrorism and Kebabs” and ” Devil’s Island”, “The Forgotten”, “Man and Jinn” and “Krakoon in the Street”. Artist Ahmed Zaki has also participated in several wonderful films, especially ‘The Shepherd and the Women’, ‘A Woman is Not Enough’ and ‘His Excellency the Minister’, and the late artist Mahmoud Yassin participated in the film ‘The Session Secret” and “The Talisman”.

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His credits are in drama

Yousra has presented a large number of successful serials, especially ‘Raafat Al-Hagan’, ‘Hayat Al-Gohary’, ‘Awan Al-Ward’, ‘Malik Rohi’, ‘A Case of Public Opinion’ and ‘Critical Moments “. He also participated in the radio series ‘Majnoun Laila’ and ‘In Safe Hands’ series, and ‘Sharbat Luz’ series. And she achieved great success in the character of Maryam in the series ‘We lie if we say we don’t love’, ‘Saraya Abdeen’ series, ‘Above the Level of Suspicions’, ‘The Account Gathers’ series and ‘We have other sayings’. Theatrically, he starred in the plays ˜When Papa Sleeps’, ˜The Beginning and the End’ and ˜The High Heels’.

his singing works

Yousra had a collaborative opera appearance with singer ‘Abu’ through the song ‘Three Daqat’ which was a big hit in the Arab world to win an award at the Murex D’or Festival in Beirut which adds to the received numerous awards during her artistic career, including that of best actress for a film “A Warm Winter’s Night”.

And recently, art and celebrity news pages reposted a racy TV interview with Egyptian star Yousra, on social media platforms.

Yousra surprised his fans and fans, with shocking and bold statements about some details of his personal and professional life, during the interview.

Yousra revealed, while hosting the famous doll, Abla Fajita, on her show ‘Duplex’ broadcast on satellite channel ‘ON’, that she herself was going to marry her father-in-law, Khaled Saleh Selim, the former president of Al-Ahly Club, Saleh Selim, while traveling abroad.

She said the flight attendant asked her to marry Saleh Salim, if only for one night, and she accepted right away, but he refused. Confirming that “it was a moon”.

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his wedding

Yousra married the engineer, Khaled Selim, brother of the artist Hisham Selim, but did not give birth to him, and in more than one meeting she revealed that she agreed with her husband in his decision not to have children in this wild world , and stated that if he had a daughter, he would call her “Kenzi” because of his love for his cousin’s daughter of the same name.

his illness

Yousra suffered from ear and vocal cord disease that nearly lost her voice completely, so she started receiving cortisone treatment, which led to a sudden increase in her weight, as doctors prevented her from speaking for 3 months, which caused her suffering.

Choosing her as a goodwill ambassador

The United Nations Development Program chose her as their Goodwill Ambassador in 2006, due to her reputation throughout the Arab world and the work she has presented throughout her artistic career to advocate for women’s issues and send messages in various political, social and humanitarian fields, as well as his participation in many social associations.

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