“I want you to know that our nation is going to beat this terrible Chinese virus.” Trump makes first public appearance after hospital discharge |

In the course of a public event that resembled an election rally, Trump, who emerged without a mask, said he felt good and assured that the coronavirus “will disappear”, which is “in the process of disappearing”, in the face of about two thousand people who echoed “Four more years”.

“I want you to know that our nation is going to beat this terrible Chinese virus,” insisted the American President, in front of his supporters, many with masks, but without considering the social distance.

“We produce powerful therapies and medicines, we cure patients, we will recover and the vaccine will arrive very, very quickly, in record time”, he assured.

“Science and medicine are going to eradicate the Chinese virus once and for all, we are going to get rid of the virus around the world. Strong flows are occurring in Europe, in Canada (…) but this is going to disappear, it is going to disappear and vaccines will help ”, he considered.

In his brief speech, the head of the White House was again particularly critical of the currents of “left” and “socialism”, in an approach in general terms, and assured that “we will never allow” them to assume power.

Donald Trump, who took office at the age of 70 after winning the November 2016 presidential election, confirmed that he tested positive for covid-19 last week.

About three weeks before the presidential election, where he will face Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, the President spent three days at Walter Reed military hospital, and after leaving the establishment on Monday he has insisted that he feels good and asked Americans to “not be afraid” of the disease.

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