I want to hug for consolation! Patrick Natthawan tears down the most powerful battle round in CHUANG2021.

Passed another round of competition for CHUANG 2021 list (interval, two zeros, two, one) Famous variety show of China The goal is to find an idol with a dream and full of energy and talent in singing and dancing. Only 11 of the more than 90 contestants will become a boy band. New faces adorning the great entertainment industry in China And this year there are 2 Thai children competing in the competition: Mr. Kornchit Boonsathit Phakdee and Patrick Natthawan Finkler

When last weekend The atmosphere of the program was filled with pressure and encouragement at the same time because “Patrick” Receive important opportunities from Mentor Deng Chao Famous Chinese actors and ceremonies Choose to allow any contestant in any class. Or not yet allocated a class, can 1 person come to battle show their abilities with the competitor who is in class A name li jia xiang At that time, “Patrick” had not yet organized a class. And if “Patrick” can win this time, it will automatically be at the highest class, class A.

Let’s start the battle by singing first. “Patrick” Choose a custom rap song to sing the title of the song. Thinking ’bout you Considered to do well. Mentor and the contestants in the show were amazed by the ability and the results that The pair’s singing always had votes on the show. It is a very difficult thing to happen. Making the judges have to be judged again by dancing “Patrick” Picked up the song Like This (Like This) this time, it was clear that “Patrick” was full of honor, one of the Thai child representatives. Called stepdeela, it is really fierce, fiery, flaming.

And the minute that everyone participated in the contest arrived The judgment of the results came out that “Patrick” Losing immediately caused him to go to F class.As a result, everyone was shocked, but the one who regretted the most was none other than the person. To tears in the middle of the stage and mentor deng chao Who picked Patrick out of the battle Asked to get up from the opposite side of the mentor’s seat In order to embrace consolation as a picture that impresses everyone who has seen the “Mr. Kornchit Boonsatpakdee” Where it comes from Under Insight Entertainment Together with a sound of encouragement coming from the seat above, and when Patrick arrived, hugging consolation It’s a very cute picture.

This judgment is not a summary of all. Asian Idol Search Competition Continues to go on more and more intensely, the dream of Thai children this time will be Will it reach the dream side or not? And who will debut You set it Can follow and encourage Mr. Patrick in CHUANG 2021 list (interval, two zeros, two, one) In Thailand *** broadcast on Wednesday and Saturday (EP Three only) at 6:00 pm on WeTV Thailand, part in China at 7:00 pm and vote for your favorite trainees at http://bit.ly/CHUANG2021vote You can also ask for more information about Mr. and Patrick via Fanpage: Insight Artist and Instagram: Insight Artist.

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