I want to die as a Muslim


Boxing legend Mike Tyson chose to embrace Islam after spending time in prison in 1992. But rarely does anyone discuss or even ask about his spiritual journey. Some even questioned his seriousness as a Muslim.

In a podcast, Mike Tyson also explains to his fans how he views this religion. According to him, there were many incidents which made him believe in Islam.

“I have many characteristics of many religions, but I am a Muslim. I love God. I worship as much as I can. My faith in God… When I die, I want to die as a Muslim. That’s who I am. God always takes care of me, it’s there in all possibilities,” he explained on the Full Send podcast.

The 56-year-old man also admits that he is still not a good Muslim in fulfilling his obligations but always tries to improve himself. Work is one of the obstacles in worship.

“Yes, but I’m also one of those Muslims who are lazy and always procrastinate about everything, (like) praying because I’m always busy with work. I don’t work for money anymore, but I still can’t stop. I want to (hang out) ) with my family, do some work until I go somewhere again. Life goes by fast, I’ll be just a picture (souvenir),” said Mike Tyson.

Recently there are many photos of DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson undergoing Umrah. In the video, they are seen looking at the Kaaba before performing tawaf using ihram.

On his Instagram page, DJ Khaled admitted that he cried at the time because he had wanted to for a long time.

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“The second time I walked to Mecca, my tears flowed. I cried happily. All my life I have wanted to go to Mecca, pray and thank Allah,” wrote DJ Khaled, seen from his Instagram page, Wednesday (14/ 12/2022).

“I pray for the world, for more love in life to become more peaceful, more joy, more happiness, more health and protection for all of us,” he continued.

DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson follow a guide as they perform tawaf. DJ Khaled was very excited and took off his mask to follow the tarbiyah recited by his guide.

“God that’s amazing! Very cool, we all have a love here, God did that. Always bless my brother @miketyson,” she concluded.

After playing tawaf, DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson were still impressed.

“This is a beautiful experience that I can have with my brother Mike Tyson. This is the first time for me. Thank you. Let’s show the beauty,” said DJ Khaled as he hugged Mike Tyson and showed a view of the Kaaba.

Watch a videoThe moment DJ Khaled cries looking at the Kaaba during Umrah
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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