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Lorella Cuccarini against Alberto Matano. No one had understood that relations between the two were so bad during the whole season of “Live life“When, together, they led for many hours a day.

They are, however, two real professionals if, despite the war between them behind the scenes, in front of the cameras they managed to maintain such a serene attitude.

But in the end the bomb exploded and the two didn’t fake it anymore and so, during the last episode, Lorella Cuccarini he made public a letter in which he said everything he thought of Matano.

Alberto Matano conducts “Live Life” alone

Alberto Matano, this year, he leads alone “Live life”But viewers complain about a female face and regret it Cuccarini.

Also Maurizio Costanzo spoke on the subject because he was asked by a reader of the weekly “NewOn which he has a column and said that the smiles of the Cuccarini they made the program more cheerful, which without her is very sad. Instead, Costanzo took the defense of Matano saying that he is a very good journalist and that alone he is perfectly capable of conducting a broadcast.

Lorella Cuccarini guest at Verissimo says what she thinks of Alberto Matano

Today, Saturday 10 October, in the living room of very true will go guest Lorella Cuccarini who will talk about what happened between her and Alberto Matano.

Lorella Cuccarini he said: “It was said that I stabbed a colleague in the back, this is not true. If there was a stab another person took it. Voices want to tell you as you are not. After thirty-five years, I don’t think I have to prove anything. I’ve always been a free woman and my professional life has shown it ”.

And then, despite never mentioning the name of Matano added: “Everything you have read, I told the person concerned looking him in the eye. I don’t lack the courage to say what I think. There has been no frontal attack that was not already clear to whom it should know ”.

The Cuccarini it’s a river in flood and he says: “I said it at the last moment because there were signs that made me understand that things were changing. Instead, I realized that, while in front of me there was a person who made the best friend, behind the scenes a plan was consummated that went in another direction. It was right to clarify with the people I was working with ”.

Speaking of being a feminist, she says: “I’m not because I don’t share all the battles, even though I thank the women who fought for our rights. Today when you say something that is not politically correct you are called a weird character. I mean what I think and not what is comfortable for me. I want to be less of a character and more of a person. I have the courage of my ideas “.

And then he explained: “The letter was not addressed to the press or the public. I just wanted to clarify my position with my co-workers. It wasn’t an impulse release because I was taken out of the program. When I write it is because there are valid reasons, I weigh every word ”.

Ma la Cuccarini he also adds: “A lot has been said trying to discredit me, this hurt me. More delicacy would have been needed, but today I want to put an end to this story. Conducting a daily program was very important because I faced it with humility in one of the most difficult times of these years. It was a privilege, I have never felt the public so close as on this occasion ”.

Finally, she says: “After the last episode of the show, I returned home with a sense of liberation. My family threw me a party, a moment that struck me. When I go back to them, there is no difficult experience that is so insurmountable ”.

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