I tell the Corriere – Few masks, few tampons Italy unprepared for the pandemic

Dear Aldo,
the doctors, nurses and health workers sent to fight the coronavirus without adequate protection have reminded me of our Alpine troops and soldiers who in 1941-43 were sent to the hell of freezing Russia to fight with cardboard shoes and good uniforms for all seasons. With the difference that while the Italian army at the time had to settle for what the convent was going through, today’s health system lavishly financed by our wages and pensions and by the self-employed who regularly pay taxes. Taking into account the different scenarios, which of the two historical non-sensibilities deserves to be more apostrophized?
Alessandro Prandi

Dear Alessandro,
We have heard too many war metaphors. In Russia we lost over one hundred thousand soldiers. Let’s leave the comparisons alone. This does not prevent us from pointing out that Italy has found itself completely unprepared for the epidemic. We also failed to protect doctors and nurses. incredible that amuchina is still not found in pharmacies, alcohol disinfectant in supermarkets, and especially masks.
Every day we receive letters from local entrepreneurs or administrators who try to find them, fighting against bureaucracy (the deputy mayor of Sommariva Bosco, for example, had 3,500 masks made in a craft workshop, for all the families in his country). I was struck by the testimony of the nurse at the Sacco hospital in Milan, collected on the Corriere by Gianni Santucci: it explains well why a prepared hospital has not become an outbreak, unlike too many Lombard hospitals. The same nurse reports that the sick arrive in the emergency room with their lungs already compromised. I believe it: too few swabs are made. evident that they cannot be done at all. But here they are done only during hospitalization. Now, of course, people don’t like being hospitalized; all the more so at a time like this; but when he goes to hospital sometimes too late.
More than drones – how does a drone know if I’m going to a dying parent or to the sea? – you need medical material to secure at least doctors, nurses and even policemen and carabinieri.


The farewell

Aurora, your dream of doing research will not end

I am 20 years old and I am an only child; I actually became one on March 27, 2010 when my sister Aurora lost her fight against osteosarcoma. The tumor had struck her at 7 years of age, distorting her light-heartedness as a child and forcing her to endure 22 chemo cycles and 24 surgeries. Despite the extreme suffering, just before she died, she defined the disease as a teaching of life because it had helped her to give the right value to every moment of her existence. Today, as always, Aurora inside me, in thoughts and memories, in my way of looking at the world, in the pink and purple colors of the dawn that comes after a long dark night. His vital breath guides me because I am sure that our knot has not melted with death. She continues to be there also thanks to the initiatives and projects of the Aurora Tomaselli Association which continues her dream of becoming a scientist and finances researchers who experiment with innovative methodologies to fight cancer. Thanks to the precious collaboration with the doctors of the I.R.E. of Rome and the I.O.R. of Bologna, the study on the anticancer effects of Agave leaves, strongly desired by Aurora and subsidized by the Association, is obtaining the second international scientific publication and increasingly closer to the clinical trial phase on patients. The road is still long but by contributing to research we can do it all together.
Francesco Tomaselli, Rome


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