I. SC Göttingen 05: Götze and Wenzel move up into the first men

With Paul Götze and Jonah Wenzel, two more players from the youth field move up in the national league squad of the first men’s team – this is announced by the national soccer team I. SC Göttingen 05.


As a keeper, Paul Götze was a support for the U19s, who finished the 2020/21 season in second place in the Lower Saxony League. Jonah Wenzel, who can be used in midfield or as a full-back, was the team’s captain.

While Götze has been guarding the housing of the black and yellow since 2014, Wenzel moved to the Maschpark in 2013. Zel likes to play tennis in his spare time, Paul used to be a handball player and tennis player. Götze is currently completing his training as a sports and fitness clerk at the University of Göttingen. After graduating from high school, Jonah will do a voluntary social year at I. SC Göttingen 05 and get involved in youth work.

Wenzel is a Werder Bremen fan and names Kevin de Bruyne as his role model. He himself impresses with his passing game and his overview. Götze is a supporter of VfL Wolfsburg and sees his strengths in one on one and in the opening of the game.

Wenzel is modest, but also ambitious: “It is not a matter of course for me to play for a club with a history that has 05. My goal is to land in the top third next season.” Götze adds: “05 is just a great club that has grown dear to my heart. Everyone loves and lives football here, and everyone gets along very well. From a team perspective, of course, I want us to end up at least in the top five continue to develop as a team so that we can also think about advancing to the top league in the next few years. “

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His own goal is to get into the “new” team well, “and if good performance is achieved in training, of course to collect match practice in the point and cup games”.

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