I said it’s so acting and sat hysterically on the bed and the director didn’t care and just kept shooting !!

You are now following the news of a famous Egyptian artist telling the scene of her hot intercourse: I said this is acting and I sat hysterically on the bed and the director didn’t care and continued filming !! And now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – A charming Egyptian artist recounted a hot scene she picked up with one of her colleagues in the filming scenes of her major films, pointing out that what happened terrified her and it was the strangest situation ever.

She is the artist Samira Sedky, born on June 22, 1960 in Alexandria, she belongs to a family of artists, her father is the artist Abdel Maqsoud Sedky and her mother was a theater actress.

She grew up in an artistic family since childhood, so she loved the field of acting, especially since her father directed a theater group in Alexandria and had a strong friendship with a large number of directors and actors, so she worked in the band of his father .

She graduated from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Alexandria and joined the “Madbolism” troupe with the artist Abdel Moneim Madbouly and presented her first experiences with him.

The show was through the show “A man, there is nothing from him”, and then in the show “Ya Malik Qalbi Bal Maarouf” and “Daughters of Al-Ajami”.

He achieved great success on stage and drew the producers’ attention to his artistic talent and made his first cinematic steps through the film “The Poor, My Children”.

Then her artwork went on to play the female lead in many films, most notably: Dr. Salama’s Tragedy, Prison Without Bars, Masoud Saeed Leh, Aswar Al-Dabigh,

The bliss of a forbidden fruit, Rajab the beast, the good, the bad and the beast, the love above the clouds, the wanderer and the parasite, ten out of ten, the Qardati, the midnight patrol, the siren, our daughters are out.

He has also presented a number of plays, including What Happened on the Honeymoon, Please Save Abdel Motjalli, Dracula’s Children and one of his series is the “Star of the Season” series.

The second encounter, the sympathetic thief, sister of Therese, his protector and thief, also participated in the star of the comedy Samir Ghanem through Fawazeer “Fatouta”.

Samira Sedky was awarded the title of “Champion of Construction Films” from the late seventies to the nineties

To the point of being accused of being an actress who presents a kind of art that corrupts public taste, forcing her to break the silence to respond to these accusations, saying: “The word contractor

Call Shader Samak or a producer who works with a director on a group of films to direct them in exchange for a sum of money, and I didn’t know the secret of this attack on me, as if Egyptian cinema had been corrupted by myself.

Although everyone knows that the best stars have participated in the championship of these works, including Farid Shawqi, Mahmoud Yassin and Mohamed Sobhi.

In one of her press statements, Samira revealed a position between her and artist Mohie Ismail, saying, “We were shooting a hot scene on the bed, in the movie Virgo and Capricorn,”

During the filming scenes, I was surprised by Mohie Ismail hugging me tightly, so I got scared and screamed before she could rape me, and I ran out of the studio and sat down to vote. “I said what, and on Saturday the studio refused to shoot and I said that’s it.”

“Sidqi” denied the rumor of his secret marriage to the late Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi, while he was holding special theatrical performances for the Libyan leader with his theater troupe.

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