I reside in full isolation for this purpose!

Following 10 a long time of Kazem El Saher’s absence from singing in Egypt, Caesar returned this summer season with a great concert, which he executed in the North Coastline region.

He took advantage of his presence for the ceremony and on Friday night done a televised job interview on the software (Mona El-Shazly), in which he talked about many factors, most notably that his absence from singing in Egypt did not cease him from attending. Cairo.

The well-known star has indicated that he has come to Egypt about 3 occasions in the earlier ten years.As regards the problem of his absence from singing, he verified that he belongs to the firm that organizes his concerts, where he leaves every little thing in their palms, and asks them to leave him to operate, and only notify him of the program and the areas of the concert.

A lot of techniques have been exposed by Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim, who chose the title Kazem Al-Saher, from the backdrop of what he was uncovered to in his early days, when he was recording a song for the radio.

At that time, Kazem resolved to choose a specialized title, and his choice fell on the title “Al-Saher”, which emphasized that he carries almost nothing of himself, as he hardly ever stays awake in his everyday living, and hardly ever does it make a difference.

But it eventually grew to become his nickname, indicating that he cares a lot about his actual title, and he stated that in his everyday living he generally desires to get up really early, and if he gets earlier 7 in the early morning he sees that he is late in sleeping.

He is also passionate about accomplishing sports every single working day, unless of course there is an injuries that prevents him from undertaking so, since it is usually required to have a gym in any hotel or vacation resort he decides to go to, in any other case there will not be.

The Iraqi singer, nicknamed Caesar, stressed that he has lived in full isolation for 20 a long time, where by he neither goes out nor meets his mates, and exists in what seems to be isolation, thanks to his intense issue for his do the job, indicating that is a quite familiar human being.

And talking of the Crown crisis, he stated that this time period and the muzzle were a present from God to him, in particular due to the fact he was capable to put on the mask, put on glasses and hat and go to all the well-liked marketplaces he was deprived of for. quite a few yrs, and he was pretty happy to be all-around anyone without the need of any person recognizing him, so I like him a great deal.

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