“I regret my actions and accept the consequences”

The prince sent a press release through his spokesperson, lawyer Mariano Aguayo Fernandez de Cordova, in which he admitted that he did not comply with all the confinement measures during his stay in Spain and apologizes. He still said that he deeply regretted his actions and accepted all the consequences.

“I would like to apologize for not respecting all quarantine measures during my trip to Spain. In these difficult times, I had no intention of offending or disrespecting anyone. I deeply regret my actions and accept the consequences, “he explains.

The prince, usually very discreet, has toured the international press after being tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, Joachim from Belgium participated in a party in Cordoba. He had flown to Madrid on May 24 before traveling to Andalusia by train. On May 26, he participated in a private event with friends and family members. The next day, he developed symptoms of the disease and was tested on May 28.

The Palace said on Saturday that the prince went to Spain on May 24 “for a business trip as part of an internship in a company. On May 26, he attended a family reunion. “

As part of the deconfinement, Spain has relaxed certain measures and now allows private meetings of up to 15 people. But according to El Confidencial, which is based on a document from the Andalusian government, more people were at this event (27 in total). Given the suspected offense, the document was forwarded to the competent authorities.

The attitude of the Belgian prince was not very well received in Spain, a country which paid a heavy price for the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, according to our information, Princess Astrid and Lorenz have both tested negative for the new coronavirus and will be able to participate in the reopening of the Atomium on Monday after several weeks of closure.



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