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On the flap of the cover, it says that it is “a motivational and inspirational book” and, to understand that Federica Panicucci’s ambition to dispense advice for success and happiness is not exactly a gamble, just go to Amazon, where the volume, just published, was already in the top 3 biographies section, or enter Federica’s dressing room in Mediaset: a gigantic triplex outside the standard size. Inside, it’s all covered with photos of her and her children, but the first one you see, as you enter, is that of her on a stage, barely twenty and with long child braids. «It was me at the Festivalbar», she explains, «as a young girl, I always looked at it, the world fell, and I already saw myself on the stage leading it. Then, I took it. I was also crazy about Look of the year, the modeling contest: I didn’t miss an edition and, even there, I already saw myself while I was presenting it. In fact, I presented it. It’s always been like this: as a child, I imagined myself on TV, not as a dancer or actress, just as a presenter. And I’ve never, ever, thought of not making it. ” The Americans call it the “law of attraction” which stands more or less for “believe it and it will be given to you”, but Federica has been practicing it since before it was theorized. When Esther and Jerry Hicks released their best seller in 2006, she was 39 and had already done everything she ever wanted. In “Courage to be happy”, published by Sperling & Kupfer, he tells his story, drawing advice that can be replicated by everyone.

Are you really sure anyone can make it?

“I experienced, at first unconsciously, then applying it as a method, that if you firmly believe in a goal, the unconscious works for you and takes you there. Of course, you can’t dream of becoming first violin if you don’t play the violin, but you have to do with your potential and everyone has it. Then, you have to choose a reasonable Plan A and exclude any Plan B, otherwise you will always have an alibi. The other secret is a positive mental attitude ».

“It’s a setting that starts from the moment you wake up. You can get up thinking that it is a struggle because you have so much to do or that it will be a beautiful day because you can do so many things. If you have a positive attitude, people around you also react better and things go more easily. It always works, with me it also works for parking. I don’t understand who thinks finding it is impossible. I tell myself that I will find it and I will find it ».

What else has he found impossible?

«The apartment with terrace that I looked at as a child from the window of my house in Milan and in which I dreamed of living is the house I live in. Growing up, I kept walking under it, looked up and still dreamed. I said to myself: how nice, one day I will live there. Then, while I was looking for a house, I saw an ad and it was that apartment. It was even more beautiful than I imagined ».

Why, as the book’s title suggests, does it take courage to be happy?

“Because when you understand that you don’t have the life you wanted, you need the courage to understand that change is an act you do for your happiness and that of those around you. Awareness is already the first step ».

When was this courage required of you?

“Sometimes, you feel you are not happy, but you put the dust under the carpet and you go on by inertia. However, change is 80 percent thought, 20 percent action. To me, it happened when I looked privately and realized that a life path was over. That change was a leap in the dark, but doing it has benefited me, my children, everyone ».

In the secrecy that distinguishes it, are you using “change” as a synonym for divorce? Are you talking about the separation from Mario Fargetta?

“She said so. My problem has always been that I was trying to be like others wanted me to be. I had to understand that Federica wasn’t me and accept the hypothesis of a new path. The instant I did it is the instant I started being happy. Afterwards, it became easy to stop indulging, to please ”.

Did your partner Marco Bacini also arrive with the law of attraction?

“I must have told him a hundred times. When I thought about starting over, I also thought that I wanted to meet a person with certain prerogatives. I had them all in mind and Marco has them all. The curious thing is that, before, we had crossed paths and missed dozens of times without noticing. We went to the same pool, the same pizzeria. It is no coincidence, because it had to be him but in that precise moment: the moment when I was ready ».

One chapter is called “moments of not negligible happiness”: tell me three.

“The first is the bedtime rite, in turn, with my children Sofia and Mattia. The second is when as a child they took me to Grandma Chiarina in Tuscany: I stayed there for months, she showered me with love, she gave me bread rubbed with tomato, very good. He lived in a house with no heating, no lift, nothing. The third moment was when, with the first earnings, I experienced the satisfaction of buying her a house with every comfort and she was surprised to have a washing machine, a dishwasher for the first time ».

Twelve years of «Morning 5» with an alarm at dawn are many or few?

“Few: it’s a program that I love madly.”

«I produce objectives automatically. Now I have two, the process has started and when I start thinking about something constantly, I know it is coming ».

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