I predicted the collapse of Bitcoin on the 15th… 785 drop from the day before

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Should I say this was right or wrong? This is the prophecy of’Doctor Doom’ Nouriel Rubini, a professor at New York University (photo). On the day he pointed out, the bitcoin bubble burst, the price of bitcoin fell by 7%.

According to CoinDesk, the price of bitcoin at 11 p.m. on the 15th EST (noon on the 16th KST) was $36,205, down 7.85% from the day before.

In the bitcoin market, the ‘7% drop’ is an ambiguous level to call it a crash. Since 2010, there have been more than 700 days when the price of Bitcoin has risen by more than 5% per day. The day when the daily fluctuation exceeds 20% also approaches 50 times.

Bitcoin price flow on the 15th (based on EST)

Bitcoin price flow on the 15th (based on EST)

On this day, the bitcoin price started at $38,689, plummeted to $34,953 at one time in the afternoon, and then succeeded in rebounding with a backseat.

Professor Rubini wrote on his Twitter on the 7th, “January 15th is coming, for the bitcoin bubble to pop.”

Prof. Rubini was originally an economist famous for his pessimistic prospects. However, it was the first time to claim a bitcoin crash by picking up a specific date, so it attracted attention.

Reporter Lim Hyun-woo [email protected]

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