I play hockey on a PC, but probably not what you want


EA Sports’ last NHL game was released on PC in 2008, and fans have had a deal ever since. Those who in the end did not slip out and did not bring the house to the console are referred to the creator of the modifications (see n lnek), or obscured Old Time Hockey (nae review), which does not even reach the qualities of the legendary NHL 94. Na Kickstarter currently fighting Tape to Tape with its technical processing into this category so from the point of view of pat, although in it we have a certain potential.

In the movement, unfortunately, the game looks about enough h not on the pictures.

At first glance, as can be seen from the light graphics, the authors completely resign themselves to some realism. This is quite understandable, given that they cannot afford to use the names of real hockey players for the first time.

Instead, they implemented mechanics from the so-called roguelike nru into the game (see n lnek), which is otherwise a pig sleeping arkd two necessary depth. You will have to take care of your team over several seasons and gradually fill it with the best possible games. In addition to their statistics, you also need to take into account the equipment that you are improving for the local counterparts of metal, well-known from common RPG games.

It’s best to put it on your own ice on the day, because there is a playable demo available on Steam, unfortunately you will also need some friends for it.

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The whole day on the ice looks simple and easy, on the other hand, it is still just a working version and I will definitely change in the future. At the moment, it is also certain that the full version will actually be available, so that we managed to choose a hundredth of a hundred more than the originally required 360 thousand crowns. This is until 16 days before the end of the campaign.

We will give it to us, but we will still hope that in connection with the new used engine, the NHL will join the PC this year.


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