“I place my head in the mud” .. An Egyptian requires revenge on his daughter in a poor way following acquiring an illicit affair with a young person

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The security products and services in Egypt uncovered the body of a woman with disfigured features mainly because she experienced remained in the waters of a canal in Cairo for a extended time.

It turned out that the corpse was tied with ropes and two stones tied to his toes to weigh the corpse and drown it in h2o. “In accordance to Al Arabiya.internet”.

Investigations revealed that 4 customers of his family, his father, his two brothers and his father’s cousin, had been guiding the crime, to avenge their honor because of to his misbehavior and his illegal marriage with a young man. .

The perpetrators confessed to acquiring fully commited the crime underneath the pretext of revenge for their honor and claimed, “I set my head in the mud and individuals roamed our life with the beasts, we killed them and washed our shame.” .

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