‘I never called Arib a diva’ | Inland

This week, De Telegraaf revealed that due to the corona crisis, Arib wants to put a stop to the move from the House of Representatives to the ‘Monkey Rock’, the old Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There would be a crackling argument between Arib and Knops.

The building would not have been furnished on the current corona rules. Knops sees it differently: „At the moment I see no reason to postpone the move. Everyone has to deal with the rules, which is also the case in the current building of the House of Representatives. ”

According to the CDA minister, the property, which has been renovated for 160 million euros, is ready for use. The move is scheduled for next summer. “If we don’t, it will lead to a lot of extra costs.”

Arib and Knops have agreed to investigate additional measures.

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