“I loved you and you hurt me .. I slandered you but you betrayed me” • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documents the reaction of Egyptian festival singer Hamo Beka towards a person while filming him and his wife.

The video showed Hama Beka walking with his wife inside a shopping mall, while one person filmed him.

And the documentarian of the clip said, addressing his speech to “Hamo Beca”, God bless whoever takes the one who annoys you, and in the meantime the festival singer waved at him, asking him to stop.

And the clip’s documentary maker continued his speech, saying: I just want a photo of a photo, I’m one of your fans, and echoed the words of one of the songs, saying, “I loved you and you hurt me. I loved, but you betrayed me, “while Hama Beca left him and went away.

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