I LOOK FOR YOU, previews of the third episode 19 October 2020

I will look for you

Advances e plot third episode of the fiction I will look for you, broadcast on Rai 1 in the early evening Monday 19 October 2020:

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I’ll look for you, “Fragile” episode previews

Valerio enters the offices of the security company that owns the vehicle which unloaded the lifeless body of Ettore; the man thinks at one point that he has identified the material perpetrators of his son’s murder.

Two Chinese citizens with a dirty criminal record are arrested for killing Ettore, but Valerio comes to think that the two have nothing to do with it and that it is a real misdirection.

Gianni tries to convince his brother to give up the investigation, but Valerio does not intend to give up and so the only one he can still trust is Sara. In the meantime, thanks to the collaboration of Martina and his son’s friends, Valerio learns that Ettore had been in a car accident a week before being killed …

I’ll look for you, “Dhaval” episode previews

Valerio thinks he has identified the right lead on which to focus the investigations: Ettore wanted to help a Senegalese and his family, who had been assigned a council house in Rome but who had then been expelled from the underworld. Now that house is occupied by a shady figure who has to do with drugs …

Valerio cannot count on the collaboration of the police (who think he has already brought the guilty to justice) but he doesn’t give up and rents a room in Ostia, where he will be able to better follow the trail of public housing.

Meanwhile, a banner claiming the truth about Ettore’s death is shown in Rome by Martina and Ettore’s friends.

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