“I left home because your brother wasn’t studying.” Guenda reacts like this

his Leggo.it the latest news. Gf Vip, Maria Teresa Ruta bursts into tears: “I left home because your brother wasn’t studying». Guenda he reacts like this. A few minutes ago, the confrontation between Maria Teresa Ruta and her daughter Guenda Goria. In last night’s episode, the 27-year-old accused her mother of abandoning her and her brother when they were still teenagers. “My mother – said Guenda – she left home when I was 17 and Gian Amedeo 14. She chased her new love, but as a daughter I find it hard to understand her».

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Today, Maria Teresa Ruta’s explanation: “I think that the children at 16 should leave the house and have their experiences, as happens abroad. Your brother was the recliner of the family, the professors called me because he didn’t go to school. I had to confront him with his duties ‘I’m not going home because you have to go to school’“. Guenda comforts his mother.

Then, between tears, Maria Teresa Ruta concludes: “My father was a general, that’s how I was brought up. My mother loves me in her own way. I suffer because your brother calls me ‘mother’. But the results on your preparation have been there. I want you to one day say you are better than me».

Last update: Tuesday 20 October 2020, 21:59



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