“I learned to love Brittany”: Karine Ferri found her balance in Morbihan

Karine Ferri publishes this week his book A life in balance (Robert Laffont editions, € 19.90). A television host, but also a mother, wife and lover of nature, in this very illustrated book she tells her daily life, reveals her advice, tips and good addresses. The emblematic figure of TF1 had to to dedicate his book at the Sillages bookstore, at Weeping (Morbihan), near Lorient, this Saturday, October 9, 2021. The meeting is finally postponed to November “for medical reasons”. Our interview with Karine Ferri, conducted this Wednesday, October 6.

At 39 years old, you have just published “A Life in Balance”, which compiles your advice on how to calmly approach a woman’s life. Why this book?

It was born of confinement, a period of questioning. The activities were at a standstill. This allowed me to have this time that we very often miss when we are a mother and an active woman. I had the chance to experience this confinement in good conditions, in a house, with a large garden. I took the time to cook my mother’s recipes, spend time with the children… And I said to myself, why not make a book which is aimed at women, with fashion and sports advice, little tips that helped me when I was pregnant, my commitments, my background… I wanted to record all this also for my children.

You mention the two Karines: Karine Ferri from the TV shows (Dance with the Stars, among others) and Karine Gourcuff, wife of an “exceptional man” and mother of two children aged 3 and 5. Divided between Paris and Morbihan, how do you find the balance?

It may seem tricky. But it’s also easier. In Morbihan, I lead a life like everyone else, I pick up my children from school, I walk my dogs in the forest, I swap my heels for sneakers. I am difficult to reach to be my whole family. In Paris, I try to condense in one week what I would have done in three weeks. I work a lot. It is Yin and Yang.

You are the wife of Plœmeurois and ex-footballer Yoann Gourcuff whom you met in 2011. You say it’s your “everything”. Your relationship, obvious?

Yes. There are things that cannot be explained. Feelings and love cannot be controlled. And from this love were born two children. There is nothing stronger.

You never wanted to publicize your relationship. To live happy, live hidden ?

We are indeed very modest, discreet. In a society where we show everything, it is a choice of life. The only times we show up is to get messages across, about animal adoption, charitable causes for children …

Is that why we see it almost from the back in the book?

There are no unpublished photos. All have already been published on Instagram, to share great joys (marriage, pregnancy). The rest is in the private sphere. You can always see my children from behind as well.

How long have you lived in Plœmeur?

At least three years. Before, Yoann was a footballer and we lived in Lyon, Rennes, Dijon.

Has Brittany won you over?

Yes, I have learned to love him. It’s calm, we have the sea nearby. Children can go to the beach after leaving school. We love the great outdoors, to cycle, run, walk our two dogs, watch the raging sea when there are storms… But I always keep the South (where it comes from) in my heart.

In the book, you give your good local addresses, such as the Gaillec crêperie or the Merville market. Do you go there often?

From time to time… There are a lot of people. However, I avoid it a little here. In Brittany, I like to be calm. The Halles de Merville are fabulous. They offer exceptional local products. Flexitarian, I really like seafood.

You will dedicate your book to the Plœmeuroise bookstore Sillage. Do you have your habits there?

Yes it’s a typical small bookstore, in my husband’s hometown. There is emotional value. I had to postpone the date because I am a little unwell.

A life in balance, Karine Ferri, published by Robert Laffont, € 19.90.



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