“I landed safely on Mars”… Cheers at NASA headquarters

Percivirence entered Mars’ atmosphere and landed at the Jezero crash ball, which is believed to have existed 3.5 billion years ago after a’seven minute of horror’ descent. (NASA YouTube capture of the US Aerospace Administration) 2021.2.19

When the NASA’s Mars probe Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars on the 18th (local time), cheers erupted at NASA headquarters.

The fifth exploration rover Percidence that humans have landed on Mars since 1997 was launched on July 30 last year. After entering the Martian atmosphere in six months, Percivirence safely landed at the Jezero crash hole and sent a picture to Earth.

‘Jezero Crater’ is a surface presumed to be a delta where river water flowed, and it is expected that traces of microorganisms including organic molecules can be found.

Percivirence is tasked with collecting 30 Martian rock and soil samples over a 10-year period and sending photographs to Earth, particularly in testing the technology for a Mars manned exploration project in the 2030s. All. It is the first motorized flight to be performed on Mars. Percivirence carried the Ingenuity, a technology demonstration helicopter, on the ship. The helicopter comes off the rover after equipment inspection and prepares for a test flight. Mars has an atmospheric density of only 1% of the Earth. Powered flight on Mars is as difficult as flying 100,000 feet above Earth. If the first power flight experiment on Mars is successfully carried out, a new origin of’Mars aerial exploration’ will open.

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