“I know why they closed his program … he says chilling things” – Baritalia News

Pierluigi Diaco, from the week before September 4, the date on which the Rai had decided that his program “Me and you“It would not go on air anymore, it had to close the broadcast for a case of covid. Already the public was very sorry that the broadcast closed on September 4 because it was very popular but then, then the early closure really disappointed everything. The first to be hurt was really Diaco who, however, also explained that the Rai protocol in the case of covid it is very rigid and, although he hoped until the end that the program would start again at least to greet his audience, this was not possible because the results that attested the negativity to the covid did not arrive in time.

Pierluigi Diaco attacked very hard by Tommaso Sorzi

Tommaso Sorzi, from Big brother house he attacked with extreme hardness, having a strong hand even from Maria Teresa Ruta and the countess De Blank, Pierluigi Diaco for his way of doing. Tommaso Sorzi, first imitated him, making fun of him and then he said of him: “One who has made horrible figures is… what’s his name? The gay and married one, who did the summer program. Pierluigi Diaco! He is a nasty one, love, some absurd videos have come out ”.

And then: “Like in one, he talks about his guest’s life and says’ she has three children ‘, the woman corrects him’ but I really have two ‘and he blurts out’ but you want to lead? No, because if you want to lead, take a seat. ‘ I swear to you, but angry black “..

And, he also added: “Or live sclera ‘hey you behind silence, because here we are working’. They closed his program. He has a crazy dislike. He says some chilling stuff, but you haven’t seen what he did with Corinne Clery. Stuff that you look at it and it hurts you and you wonder why. In his program, he treats everyone badly with his guests. He invites them, gnaws at the cu ** they came, treats them very badly, a stuff ”.

Finally, he added: “He should come and be a GF Vip to clean up his image”.

The statements of Maria Teresa Ruta and Countess De Blank

Also Maria Teresa Ruta and Countess De Blank they agreed with Sorzi on Diaco and Maria Teresa Ruta he said: “They closed the program for him due to a bad fight he had on the radio with the presenter. He had this bad fight in the morning and the next day they closed the program. Then the next day again they talked about a Covid case and so I don’t know. He’s like ‘you are a guest, but I take the guitar and I play ‘”; while De Blank: “Anyway I agree with you, absolutely agree. In fact, they have closed the transmission ”.

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