“I just can’t follow him” – Libero Quotidiano

Jasmine Carrisi, the daughter of Albano Carrisi e Loredana Lecciso, debuts in the world of music with the single Ego, halfway between pop and rap. For sure, the girl does not lack personality since in an interview with Corriere della Sera immediately distances himself from his artistic legacy. The rampion confesses not to listen “absolutely” to the music of Al Bano: “He would like you to follow him a little more, but I just can’t“But years and years spent in the” court “of Cellino San Marco and behind the boxes all over the world watching the dad crooner some trace will surely have left it.

Al Bano and his starvation pension.  Vissani crosses him: Alone?  Come to the restaurant, big sheep ***.  Bechis takes over everything |  Video


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