I Hypnotized Bagnaia Before MotoGP Aragon

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Valentino Rossi admits trying to hypnotize Francesco Bagnaia to choose the right tires before winning in MotoGP Aragon 2021, Sunday (12/9).

Bagnaia won his first MotoGP victory through a fierce and interesting duel against Marc Marquez in MotoGP Aragon. Bagnaia became the first Ducati rider since Casey Stoner in 2010 to win at the Aragon MotoGP.

Before the race, Rossi predicted that Bagnaia would win the 2021 Aragon MotoGP. However, The Doctor was worried because Bagnaia had made the wrong tire choices several times. This made Rossi try to ‘hypnotize’ Pecco before the race.

“Bagnaia deserved this victory because throughout the year he was very fast and rode the Ducati in a good way. Yesterday I said to him ‘This is the right moment to win’, because he is always very fast. Sometimes he was unlucky with the tyres, but today was different, ” said Rossi quoted from Crash.

“I tried to hypnotize him, saying ‘Hard-soft, hard-soft, loud-soft’, because sometimes Bagnaia makes strange decisions about tire choice. I saw this morning and I said ‘loud-soft’ again, so I’m happy to Goodbye,” said Rossi.

Bagnaia made the same decision as the majority of riders at the 2021 Aragon MotoGP, namely using hard front tires and soft rear tires.

Rossi also praised the VR46 Academy team for being able to become Bagnaia as a competitive rider in MotoGP. Bagnaia is a racer who graduated from the VR46 Academy and became the 2018 Moto2 world champion with the VR46 team.

“I am also very proud of the people at the VR46 Academy because we took Pecco from Moto3 and helped him reach this level. In the end their fate is in their own hands, because you have to be a strong rider, but we are very proud to help Bagnaia reach that level. this.

“Also for Italy, this victory is incredible because Pecco won with Ducati, it’s something fantastic. I saw a little bit of the race footage and I saw a fantastic battle [dengan Marquez] but Bagnaia is always in the front. He rode the bike from Friday morning in a fantastic way and also at Silverstone he was very fast.

Live streaming MotoGP San Marino 2021, 19 September, can be watched through CNNIndonesia.com. While the live broadcast of the race via Trans7.

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