“I hope you reconsider and act in time before things get more complicated” | Radio Club Tenerife

The president of SOS Disappeared and spokesman for the family of the disappeared girls in Tenerife, Joaquín Amills, has decided to write a letter addressed to Tomás Gimeno – father of Anna and Olivia – when more than a month has passed since his disappearance. In the letter, Amills invites Gimeno “To finally decide to take the step you need to take: find a solution to everything that has happened, and return to the love of your life, your girls, to their place, to their life.”

The letter that the president of SOS Disappeared has published, directly asks the father of the girls of one and six years to generate “that tranquility in everyone and gives signals, the ones you can, the ones you want … but that would be a good first step to change everything.” And ends up waiting “from the heart” Let Tomás Gimeno reconsider.

Letter to Tomás Gimeno / SOS Disappeared

Letter to Tomás Gimeno / SOS Disappeared

Ship Ángeles Alvariño

In the meantime, the search for the sonar and the underwater robot incorporated in the oceanographic vessel Ángeles Alvariño will last until next week. Specifically, it will be about 8 days doing sweeps of the seabed; right now it is in the southeast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in front of Hoya Fría.

Technically; what you are doing is a ladder progression, or square, with a fixed heading and its inverse. It has been more than a month since Anna and Olivia with their father Tomas Gimeno disappeared.


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