“I hope you don’t have to miss the whole season!” Jānis Baumanis reveals that he has not even had the opportunity to drive a team car

The World Championship 2020 season will start this weekend with two stages on the Heljes track in Sweden.

Baumanis announced this week that he would not participate in these stages. “Diena” also reports that the Latvian will not go to Finland next weekend, where two more stages will take place.

“Unfortunately, due to uncertainty about Covid-19 and the future, sponsors are forced to break with marketing budgets. They are not only supporters from Latvia, but also from abroad. I have to respect their decision and wait for the situation to improve,” Bauman quotes Baumanis.

Baumanis is not clear about the next season either, but he hopes to participate in the upcoming stages on September 19 and 20 in Latvia.

“I really hope that I will not have to miss the whole season and will be able to complete several stages of the world championship,” says Baumanis, who also did not have the opportunity to ride in the Audi team. “As if I could drive, but after returning I would have to sit in quarantine for two weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it because there is a lot of daily work.”

One week later, two more stages will take place in Finland, but on September 19 and 20, two stages will take place in Latvia. Next, sections are planned in Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

At the end of March, Baumanis joined the “KYB Team JC” team. Initially, the pilot line-up for the 2020 season was already completed, but the “KYB Team JC” was allowed to start in the championship with the consent of the other teams and the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

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Last season, Baumanis finished in the top three in Norway and Canada, but he was sixth overall. The Latvian was among the six finalists in five stages.

For the previous three seasons, Baumanis represented the STARD team, but before that he rode in the “Austria” team for one year.

Baumanis is the 2015 European Champion and the 2014 bronze medalist in the “Super 1600” class. In 2016, he spent the first full season of the planet in the SuperCar Championship.

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