‘I have to take 880 injections a day’, GGD director has mixed feelings about priority acute care

That people who work in acute care still get priority when vaccinating against corona, was the conclusion of director Ellis Jeurissen of the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost from the media. She understands the call, but ‘it is at the expense of employees in, for example, disabled care’. “Anyone can shout very loudly,” says the GGD director on talk show KRAAK on Sunday. from Omroep Brabant. “But I have 880 injections a day.”

Her region will initially have to make do with that number of vaccinations from January 18. According to Jeurissen, it cannot be the case that ‘the person who shouts the loudest is always in front’.

To then draw attention to nursing and care homes and home care institutions. “They are also having a hard time with a lot of understaffing.” Something she’s very concerned about. “You always have something to explain in a situation of scarcity,” she concludes.

Willingness to vaccinate is a major concern
According to the GGD director in her region, the number of 880 vaccinations per day should eventually rise to five thousand per day. Her main concern is now the willingness to vaccinate among healthcare workers. According to her, this varies from fifteen percent to sixty percent.

“My biggest fear is that we will soon be wasting vaccines,” she says. She fears that we will soon ‘open up everything to healthcare staff while the willingness to vaccinate among them is low’. “The vaccines that are delivered thawed have to be used up. I don’t want to throw any of them away,” she emphasizes.

Watch the entire conversation with director Ellis Jeurissen of the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost in KRAAK here:


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