“I have completely lost my sensibility …”

Fear for Mara Venier, the photo in the hospital with the drip: “I have completely lost sensitivity …». Today, June 8, the Venetian presenter of Sunday In posted a photo on Instagram that made followers worry. In the image, Mara Venier is in a hospital bed with an IV. In the caption the Sunday lady explains what happened.

Here are the words of Mara Venier: “Instagram friends I want to share the nightmare I’m living … Last Monday I went to a dentist here in Rome for an implant already planned for months … I arrived at the office (for now I do not say name and address) at 9.30 … I went out at 17.30 after hours !!! From that moment I completely lost the sensitivity of part of my face mouth throat lips chin !!!!! Omit the rest this is not the location (with the dentist we will talk about it elsewhere) !!! Thursday rushed to the MaxilloFacial surgeon Valentini Valentino (whom I thank very much) who after checking the situation on Friday operated on me to remove the implant that caused the damage !!!! Hospitalized … operating room, total anesthesia, a nightmare ….. !!! Today I will have a check up but it will be a very long thing (hoping to avoid another intervention) … #nonfiniscequí».

Immediate comments on the proximity of followers. “Mara get well soon!“. It’s still: “Best wishes for a speedy recovery». «Come on Aunt Mara“. The fans are all with her.

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