“I got it all with some bravery that I won’t be caught” – Matiss’s story about getting infected with Covid-19

The young man describes himself as a physically strong, healthy person who is already suffering from Covid-19.

“The highest temperature was 38.4 to 38.6 degrees, I felt very tired, without energy, I slept 18 hours a day.

It took two, three days, then gradually recovered, everything seemed to be in order, and then the other symptoms began to appear: the smell, the taste disappeared.

Well, maybe if I eat a lemon, I would distinguish it, but, for example, a mango from a banana – definitely not. I also drink morning coffee only as a habit, there is no taste. In recent days, hearing in one ear has also disappeared, ”says Matiss.

He points out that he can breathe normally and not cough, but his illness is much more severe than that of his girlfriend, who has only had a runny nose. It is still unclear exactly where she was infected.

In any case, the girlfriend’s mandatory test “saved” from a further outbreak in both teams. Both cases illustrate how different the effects of the virus are on different organisms.

“I got it myself with something like a boomerang, because I approached it all with a certain bravura – I won’t be caught, but if there is, then only a mild runny nose, I will get sick for a couple of days, the test will be negative and I will be able to go to work again.

But two weeks have passed and the virus is still active. It’s not that easy, ”admits Matiss.

He admits that he does not support all the current restrictions – while he was healthy, he went to the weight room regularly and does not understand why indoor sports would be more harmful than drinking at a bar, but calls to listen to experts and not expose others, as , then the disease can manifest itself only as a runny nose, without even knowing that you are infected.

He offers the following comparison to masked protesters: “It would be the same as not wearing a seat belt while driving a car. If you’re like muzzled dogs when you put on masks, are you tied up, even when you’re wearing a steering wheel? Everyone adheres to it, which is why it has become commonplace. Wearing masks will also be mandatory for some time now.

Do not want to stop breathing apparatus and doctors have to choose which to save and which not. I don’t think anyone wants that situation – neither those who support wearing masks nor those who do not. “

Matisse hopes that his story will reach those who still doubt what to really believe, and will encourage them to believe in evidence and science, rather than self-proclaimed sofa experts.

The largest number of new cases of Covid-19 to date, 188 infected, was reported on Friday for the second day in a row, according to data compiled by the SPKC.

A person infected with Covid-19 in the age group of 60 to 65 also died last day.

5,332 Covid-19 examinations were performed in the last day, which is the highest number of tests performed per day so far. Meanwhile, a total of 388,281 examinations have been performed in Latvia so far, 3,392 persons have become ill, and 1,329 have recovered.

The proportion of positive cases against those tested last day was 3.5%. The SPCC has previously explained that this figure is considered important in the European Union, as above 3%, the spread of the disease is considered to be rapid and uncontrolled.

Continuing the investigation of the outbreak, at least 50 cases have been detected in Vecpiebalga region, several cases are among the previously established cases and outbreaks, 13 infected have returned from Belarus.

According to the National Health Service, a total of 11 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized last day. A total of 69 patients are treated in hospital, of whom 63 have a moderate course of disease and six have a severe course of the disease. At the same time, 12 patients were discharged from the hospital during the previous day, thus a total of 281 patients were discharged from the hospital, including both recovered and dead.

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