“I got a Covid-19 with bravura and I got a boomerang myself.” A resident of Riga shares a story about getting a coronavirus – Society and Politics – News

As he had foreseen, both were active in the forum.

He attributes the high activity of the conspirators to the tense atmosphere created by the virus, people’s fears and even simple boredom,

as more free time has emerged and the mind is looking for ways to make this epic of the virus more interesting, even if something needs to be thought of.

“Significantly, most of those who support conspiracy theories about Covid-19 are also proponents of memory water and connoisseurs of 5G” harm. “I’ve studied telecommunications myself and know a little bit about it all. who know both how to swirl the water of memory and how healing it will now be, “said Matisse.

“At the same time, we are also medical experts, because we know how the virus originated and was made by big corporations or China. We are also experts in radio communications – we know how 5G works, what the effect of frequency is on people … We “Of course, I say this with sarcasm, because I doubt that we have so many educated professionals today who know a lot about medicine, electronics and telecommunications at the same time,” says Matisse.

He admits that he does not support all the current restrictions – while he was healthy, he went to the weight room regularly and does not understand why indoor sports would be more harmful than drinking at a bar, but calls for listening to experts and not exposing others.

He offers the following analogy to masked protesters: “It would be the same as not wearing a seat belt when driving a car. If you are wearing dogs with muzzles when you put on masks, then you are also tied up when wearing a steering wheel.”

“That’s why it’s become commonplace. Wearing masks will be commonplace for a while now. I don’t think it’s going to be for a month. It’s definitely going to last longer, but somehow its effects need to be reduced. I don’t want I think that no one wants such a situation – neither those who support wearing masks, nor those who do not, “said a resident of Riga.

Matisse hopes that his story will reach those who still doubt what to really believe, and will encourage them to believe in evidence and science, rather than self-proclaimed sofa experts.

He, too, is tired of the constraints imposed by the disease and understands that it is even harder for those whose business has been destroyed by a pandemic.

“It’s hard for everyone, and we as a society have to deal with it. Not – one has limitations, but the others do as they please. I also feel these limitations very well, I’ve been sitting at home for two weeks, which is harder than I was imagine, “admits Matisse.


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