“I feel more concerned than committed”

Successes, rewards, tour… You are in quite a vortex! How do you cope with this enthusiasm around you?

It is true that I am very happy, we are not living a very easy period, especially for the artists. I am not the only one to experience this. I was in the middle of the race before this confinement with the Victoire Révélation scene, I had just released my first album … This coronavirus slowed me down a lot but where I am happy is to see that people so curious to see this that I’m going to release as a clip, as songs… They will come and discover me on tour… I’m really happy.

If the public is curious, it is also because it is difficult to label you. You navigate between different musical styles …

So much the better! It’s really nice that you can tell me that you can’t fit me! I do French chanson, mixed with electro… And I dance too… There are a lot of things about me that you have to digest. Afterwards, everyone comes to find what they want. At my concerts, I see children of 7 years old but also their sister, their mother and their grandmother! I have all the generations in front of me, I find it pretty crazy… Crazy enough that all these people can identify in different songs, through my lyrics.

You mentioned your texts… They are not committed but well anchored in everyday life…

To people who think my songs are engaged, I tell them that I feel more concerned than engaged. I describe things happening on a daily basis, be it street harassment, global warming, homophobia… These are subjects that touch me. We do not commit to anything and everything, but for causes that speak to us. I’m not angry with everything, I’m telling my time!

So, is it the news that feeds your writing?

Honestly, I rarely need the news to write. I live these things. When I write “SLT”, we are already in the middle of the MeToo movement and I think that, even without this movement, there would have been this song because I have the impression of understanding this harassment since I was 7 years old. . The first time I went out in town, in Avignon, with my sister, she was attacked in the street by a pretty crazy character, who asked her for her number. She didn’t give him the voucher, he gave her a slap! That day I knew I would write “SLT” someday in my life. Then there is the MeToo movement. I was a waitress and I heard a lot of debates around me, people saying it was hysteria, it made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t say anything.

You now have a beautiful space to express yourself … A stage where you also dance, making you a complete artist!

It’s true that it was my first love, I learned music with dance then, there was a kind of rejection, for my own good, to find myself… And once in this new project, dance came right back to me. I told myself that it was not me without the dance, I need to engage my body too. Everything happened naturally, in the end.

Finally, it is no coincidence that we found you in the first part of M, he who explores and surprises again and again …

We never find ourselves by chance in the first part of M, when you are a young artist just starting out, it’s completely crazy to be solicited by Matthieu Chedid. I was very nervous even if I saw him! In addition to being a great artist, he is a benevolent gentleman. It will be one of the most significant meetings of my career.

Suzane in concert at the Poirel Hall this Monday, at 8:30 pm At La Manufacture, it’s Laurent Bardainne, and Tigre d’eau Douce.

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