“I feel different”: Mont Pantoja shares another of his skills. What did he do?

MEXICO.- A few days ago Mont Pantoja She decided to change her look in a radical way and became a sexy blonde. Although her long hair is still present, this modification has caused her followers to be shocked, because they consider that everything looks good on her, therefore, they love that their spoiled tiktoker tries with different images, in the end, what matters is make her feel comfortable.

It is not uncommon for the tiktoker to receive compliments and comments about how beautiful she is or the impressive body she has, as in her most recent Instagram photos, where she left her millions of followers speechless. Mont Pantoja She knows how to take advantage of her image and her “chelitos” enjoy seeing how she transforms and the changes she makes to feel even more beautiful.

The tiktoker is not afraid to experiment with hair dyes, outfits or makeup and although many of her fans like to see her with a relaxed look and little or no make up, the “chelito” is not far behind the trends more in each season. On this occasion, the Sinaloan showed that she is not only good at dancing or lip syncing, but she is also a great stylist.

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Do I feel different with this chelitos makeup?

? original sound – Dexter

In one of his most recent videos on TikTok, the Sinaloan made a before and after, in which she showed her face without makeup and later another image, where she had already applied shadows, eyeliner and lipstick, showing her great ability to put on makeup. “I feel different with this chelitos makeup,” he wrote Mont Pantoja in the description of your post.

Most of her “chelitos” commented that she is beautiful with or without makeup, although there were those who assured that Mont Pantoja “Al natural” is much better, but they applauded his skill with make up. What is certain is that her loyal followers consider her a sexy and very beautiful woman, who always has the best attitude and is not afraid to show herself as she is and that includes her physical appearance.

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