“I expect many regions that are now red areas to turn orange or yellow” – Corriere.it

In an interview with TG5, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: “Tomorrow is an important day: there will be an update of the monitoring and I expect an RT that has reached 1, it would be an important signal of the reduction of the contagion . And I also expect many regions that are now red to turn orange or yellow. It would be a good sign ». A few minutes before the interview aired, however, the president of the Lombardy region had declared that, despite the fact that Lombardy has been “fully within the parameters set for the transition to the orange zone for two weeks”, “the Government intends to keep the current restrictive measures in force until 3 December and, therefore, leave Lombardy in the red zone ».

Recovery Fund: “I am confident, the vetoes of Poland and Hungary will fall”

During the interview – conducted by the director of Tg5 Clemente Mimun – Conte commented on the outcome of the today’s vote on the budget variance: «Today politics has given a sign of unity to the whole national community, it is a beautiful sign for the whole country». The Conte government risked more Silvio Berlusconi? asks Mimun. «Today Conte did not risk, because the majority forces are well cohesive and solid; and not even Cavaliere Berlusconi has risked, because he has always shown a constructive spirit », replies Conte. As for the Recovery Fund, Conte said he was “confident” and spoke of the “moral commitment” to translate into reality the political agreement reached by the EU states in July. “All European citizens are waiting for that turning point”, he declared, and then guaranteed that the December EU Council will be “decisive”: even the vetoes by Poland and Hungary they will be, according to him, overcome (“I am convinced: it is also in their interest”). Pursued by Mimun’s questions, Conte returned to the theme of Christmas, explaining that this year to celebrate in a sober way “it is necessary”: “We cannot let our guard down or we expose ourselves to a third wave in January, the Italians are aware of this.”

The meeting between government and regions

The interview was broadcast at the end of a long meeting between the government and the presidents of the autonomous regions and provinces. On the agenda was the discussion about the rules for the winter holidays, which the executive must define in view of the Dpcm which will come into force on 4 December. If austerity seems to prevail in the government, the governors have asked for some relaxation. In particular, during the meeting the Presidents of the Regions asked “unanimously” – as Giovanni Toti declared – to “postpone any reopening of face-to-face teaching to 7 January for those who are still in distance learning today”. Furthermore, during the meeting between the Regions and the government, the possibility of close the borders if the ban on opening ski lifts is confirmed, so as to avoid competition from those countries that will instead allow it to be opened. Italy, Germany and France are working on a European initiative to close slopes and lifts during the holidays, but Austria said it was against it and Switzerland, in any case, will be excluded (not being part of the EU). The scenario that the governments of Italy, France and Germany would like to avoid is one closure of the spotted plants, such that it would be enough to move a few kilometers to be able to ski, hitting them asymmetrically.

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