“I don’t want to be just the wife of a famous director”: Paulina Andreeva spoke about the status of Bondarchuk’s wife and her own career

The name of Paulina Andreeva is primarily associated with the fact that she is the wife of the famous Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

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But if you look at her biography, you can find out that in addition to the status of the director’s wife, she also has a lot of other merits. For example, she is a successful theater and film actress (film “Locust”, TV series “Thaw”, “Method”), as well as a singer. Recently, she also decided to try herself as a screenwriter.

Relationship with the director


Fame came to Andreeva when the series “Method” with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role came out on the screens, after which she was increasingly noticed in the society of Sergei Bondarchuk. At first, the couple hid their relationship, but in 2016, when Sergei divorced his wife Svetlana, Paulina Andreeva began to appear in society as a “new director’s passion.”

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This stigma has remained with her to this day, although Andreeva herself is a very successful actress. In a recent interview, she said that by nature she is an introvert and works a lot at home, without advertising the results to the public, as many stars do. “I don’t like it when they consider me only the wife of a Russian director, but those who are really interested in my work know what I’m working on and how much effort I put into it,” Paulina shared.

Author: Anna Karavaeva

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