“I don’t see a leader in him”

Polish representation is going through a difficult period after losing 1: 2 to Slovakia in their first match at Euro 2020. One of the players that the critics have focused on is the captain of the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski. – I honestly admit that I do not see this leader in him. I don’t know him personally and I don’t know how he behaves outside the pitch, I’m just talking about what can be seen on the pitch. Observing Lewandowski during matches, I do not see in him such a character that would entitle him to put on a capital band – he said Jerzy Podbro¿ny in conversation with “Super Express“.

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“Spaniards appreciate Lewandowski, but they see that he is not the same footballer as in Bayern”

No goals, no assists, no shots on target, and 10 losses of the ball – these are Lewandowski’s statistics in the last game. Although everyone demanded much better results from the attacker, he could not break through the opponent’s defense. According to PodbroŜny, apart from scoring goals, the captain should also have other qualities.

Italians without mercy. Poland is the second worst team at Euro 2020! Lewandowski also got hit

– Even when we lose, the leader should be able to mobilize the team, shout, show to his whole self: “Gentlemen, nothing happened! We play on!”. Undoubtedly, he cannot be denied a great football class, but in difficult situations he should mobilize the team to fight and develop even greater ambition. And, in my opinion, he is missing – summed up.

Lewandowski has too little character to be the captain of the Polish national team? What influences the lack of goals of the Pole?

According to the former footballer Legia Warsaw the Polish striker also lacks the right teammates who would give Lewandowski the same opportunities he has in Bayern Munich. – It seems to me, however, that during the match with the Slovaks he unnecessarily retreated for the ball so often. At that time he was missing from the front, where he is the most dangerous. He certainly did not play at his optimal level, but this applies to practically every player – concluded PodbroŜny.

Poland - FranceSensation in the League of Nations. The French again lost in the tie-break and dropped out of the “four”

More chances of scoring the first goal on Euro 2020 He does not give Ferran Torres to Robert Lewandowski. Spain he will be the next rival of the Poles in the group stage, which footballers Paulo Sousa will face. “Our stoppers will eat him,” said the Spaniard. The match between Spain and Poland will start on Saturday, June 19 at 21:00. Live report Sport.pl and the Sport.pl LIVE application.

The live mural of Sport.pl cheers on Polish footballers

Start emotions! Do you want to share your football emotions? Nothing easier. Especially for Euro, we have prepared a live mural! Show us how you support the Polish national team, and we will choose the best ones from among the slogans sent and place them on a living mural and the largest LED screen in Warsaw. The mural is available in Warsaw at 3 Waryñskiego Street, the screen at Plac Unii, and you can send your applications at muralnazywo.pl >> https://muralnazywo.pl/


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