“I don’t regret a minute.” Musician Mārtiņš Grunte for participating in the show “Mīla kemperī”

Speaking about the participation in the show “Mīla kemperī”, Mārtiņš did not think about it for a long time and quickly decided to jump into the challenge.

“I was the authentic me. I did not regret a single minute, word or deed. I allowed myself to be myself, here and now. We became friends as personalities in the first hours. We were all very different, but at the same time united. As a result, very good memories of everything that happened. I was surprised that we in Latvia can also make a moving and very fast show.”

Mārtiņš admits that he is not afraid of popularity – he reckons that the show’s viewers may have their own opinion about him, which may also be reflected in not very flattering comments – the guy is ready to accept them.

The creators of the show say that Mārtiņš will be one of the hottest and brightest participants of the show, who will not be afraid to reveal his feelings in front of the cameras and throw himself into spicy events.

The second season of the love and dating show “Mīlā kemperī” from February 9 every Thursday at 21.00 on STV First channel!.

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